Welcome to the Academics' Union

The Academics' Union at UCT (AU) represents full and part-time academic staff at the University. We work to advance, protect, and defend the rights and interests of all our members, and to create the best possible environment for teaching, and research.

The AU seeks fair and equitable employment conditions for our members and actively advocates for these through:

o Annually engaging the University in a collective bargaining process.

o Representing the issues and interests of members in a variety of consultative forums with HR and the University Administration.

o Providing members with informed advice, support and assistance in matters relating to conditions of employment.

o Providing support to members in dispute resolution, disciplinary and grievance procedures.

o Disseminating information, and facilitating discussion on issues relevant to the AU’s members (such as academic freedom, transformation, medical aid, retirement and the like).

Joining the AU

Membership to the Academics Union is voluntary, and members pay a small monthly contribution to cover operational costs.  To join the AU, or to consult with someone about the benefits of joining the Union, click here.